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Living in Art and History

The intoxication of regal luxury, the exclusive control of your own home.

These are The Rooms of Caterina.

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Here you live the aesthetic experience, surrounded by history and culture inspired by the royal personage of Caterina de' Medici, a symbol of tolerance and endurance.

Ambiences and feeelings which represent her loves, obsessions, the different worlds and cultures she inhabited: the Italian style, intense and pungent, the Spanish style, passionate and fiery, the French style, clear and crisp.

Each different but complimentary. There are no intrusions, no reception, only a key. Your own passkey to a private kingdom.

Our charming accomodation offers the best conditions for spending a pleasant holiday in Florence, or even just a weekend, in a unique and unforgettable atmophere and in a refined and welcoming ambience, that makes originality a strength.

"Le Stanze di Caterina" represent a sophisticated solution for the demanding tourist, in which history and charm come together in an interior design that harmoniously meld comfort and technology.

All this in the historic center of Florence, just a few steps from the Duomo Cathedral.

In Via dello Studio 12. Take a look at the map


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